gun turret

a self-contained weapons platform housing guns and capable of rotation
Syn: ↑gun enclosure, ↑turret
Hypernyms: ↑platform, ↑weapons platform

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  • Gun turret — A gun turret is a device that protects the crew or mechanism of a projectile firing weapon and at the same time lets the weapon be aimed and fired in many directions.A turret is a rotating weapon platform. This can be mounted on a fortified… …   Wikipedia

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  • turret — [tʉr′ithed΄tʉr′it, toor′it] n. [ME turet < OFr tourete, dim. of tour: see TOWER1] 1. a small tower projecting from a building, usually at a corner and often merely ornamental 2. a wooden, usually square tower on wheels, carrying soldiers,… …   English World dictionary

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